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Puffing Bird Team Australia is dedicated to bring Aussies the best quality bongs, dab rigs, pipes and vaporizers with the lowest price!

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Here at Puffing Bird AU, our team is dedicated to bring you the best quality glass bongs, dab rigs, glass pipes and more amazing smoking glassware with killer price! If you're looking for silicone bongs, silicone pipes, bong downstems, weed grinders or more cannabis smoking gears, we've got you covered! If you can't find any product you like feel free to get in touch with us via any social media PM or just send us an email :)

  • Free Australia Shipping

    Puffing Bird provides free shipping for all orders in Australia. To protect your privacy, standard discreet packaging available for all orders!

  • Massive Collection

    More than 1000+ bongs, pipes, dab rigs and other smoking related products in PuffingBird's collection with competitive pricing.

  • Hassle-free Returns&Refund

    PuffingBird provides free returns and hassle-free refunds for products arrived broken or defects in glass craftsmanship.