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What Is A One-hitter?

One-hitters are a simple and discreet way to smoke marijuana. They can be used in a variety of ways, including by themselves or with another smoking device like a pipe or bong. They're also very portable which makes them perfect for traveling!

glass one-hitter
Glass One Hitter Pipe

Why use a one-hitter?

One-hitters are a great choice if you're looking to take your smoking experience on the go. They're much more discreet than using a cigarette or joint, and they're also easier to use than pipes or bongs. You can easily slide one into your pocket without anyone noticing it's there, which makes them perfect for hanging out with friends or going to dinner with family.

One-hitters are also really easy to clean and maintain because they have fewer parts than other pieces of smoking equipment. You don't need any special tools like brushes or clothes—just some alcohol wipes will do the trick! If you get resin buildup in your chamber after multiple smoking sessions, simply soak it overnight in rubbing alcohol before wiping it down with a dry cloth again afterward (this should prevent any further buildup).

One-hitters might be small but they still deliver big hits when compared to joints - especially when it comes time for sharing among friends!

How to pack and smoke a one-hitter.

  • You can pack a one-hitter with any tobacco or herbs, but be careful: if you're using a wooden pipe and smoke a lot of cannabis, the resin could build up enough to make it difficult to light. If this happens, you'll want to clean your pipe with rubbing alcohol and let everything dry before smoking again.

  • Smoking a one-hitter is easy! Simply hold it at an angle over your mouth, put in the herb or tobacco of your choice and enjoy.

One hitter cleaning.

One-hitters are designed to be used only once and then thrown away, but they can be cleaned if you want to use them multiple times.

First, rinse the one-hitter with water to remove any tobacco residue. Next, use a pipe cleaner (or other cleaning product) to clean out all of the hard-to-reach areas in the pipe. Finally, leave it out to dry completely before storing it in a safe place where it won't be damaged by heat, cold, or moisture.

One-hitters are an excellent addition for any marijuana smoker's collection as they are very portable and discreet, plus they're fun!

One-hitters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the majority of them have the same basic design. They consist of a small cylinder with a bowl at one end that you light and inhale from through a mouthpiece on the other end. Some one-hitters also have carb holes so you can control how much smoke is inhaled depending on how many times you breathe in through it.

While you can use most pipes or bongs with one-hitter bowls, some people prefer using them exclusively because they provide an experience different from smoking with larger pipes or bongs. Because there's less water filtration involved (if any), the smoke will be more robust than it would be if you were smoking out of other types of pipes or bongs; this means more THC will reach your lungs when using these devices!

Briar Wooden Portable Pipe
Briar Wooden Portable Pipe


One-hitters are an excellent addition for any marijuana smoker's collection as they are very portable and discreet, plus they're fun! Try to buy a one-hitter online right now!

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